Why us?

Mobile and tablet only

FindFlirt dating app was designed fully for mobile and tablet for unique experience. We do not have web based version, as we concentrated on the mobile functionality. This brings unique user experience of watching, flirting, chatting and meeting with interesting people doing it in the simplest way.

FindFlirt was tailored only for tablet and mobile

FindFlirt is only for mobiles and tablets


Our app has always been free, and its basic functions will be free forever. Certainly, you can buy some extra functions in the application. However we guarantee you everything is transparent and you will exactly now what you will get.

FindFlirt is free and will be free forever


FindFlirt is brand new, trendy and unique. Share this app with your friends and be the cream of the crop. Try it and you will see what we are talking about.

FindFlirt the sexy iOS dating app and Android dating app

FindFlirt: the sexiest dating mobile app today

What we DON’T do…

No hidden payments: we don’t use tricks like recurring PayPal payments as we have seen in other dating apps and websites

Always keep your privacy: we will never send e-mails to your contacts to invite them for using the app (like almost all other apps do)

Dating with no facebook integration

NO Facebook sharing: we never use your contact data from your Facebook account, never share your activity with your Facebook friends. We don’t even integrate with Facebook. Anyway, FindFlirt app has its own Facebook page that you might want to check out.

Everything is transparent: all the functions are clear and simple. There are no useless or complicated features. Everything here is working for you.

You are the most important for us. Please share your thoughts with us. We are pleased to learn how we can be even better. Contact us here.